Discount Codes

If you use any of my codes, please DM me so I can give you a special shoutout!

ProductsDiscount Code
Jack & Pup
Treats and chewsZOEY15 for 15% off
Posh Puppy
Apparel, toys, and moreZOEY for 35% off
Foggy Dog
Bandanas, collars, leashes, toys, bedsZOEY10 for 10% off
and Mutts Co
Bandanas, bows, and nosework toysZOEY10 for 10% off
Blush and Fluff Co
Bandanas and bowsZOEY10 for 10% off
Lucy and Co
Bandanas, harnesses, sweaters, raincoatsLCZOEYDOODLE for 15% off
Shoes and moreZOEY10 for 10% off
Wild One
Harnesses and walk kitsKIMBERLY50102 for 15% off

I also have codes for human things!

  • ZOEYDOODLEBEAR for 10% off your order – Kitsch
  • ZOEY15OFF for 15% off plants (stacks with discounts) – Lively Root
  • ZOEY for 15% off kitchen towels and more – Geometry House